Youth Praise Gathering

Why YPG?

We’re glad you asked!

Looking at our world today, we see a great need to ignite and unite the students of this generation in their worship for Jesus Christ. Youth Praise Gathering was designed with this mission in mind. It is our prayer that YPG generates spiritual courage within this student generation, equipping them to passionately engage and impact the world around them.

Because YPG is focused on students, we strive to do three things:

  1. To continually provide an atmosphere that invokes worship honoring God;
  2. To present a life-changing message that is biblically sound and culturally relevant to today’s students;
  3. To offer fellowship opportunities for students to connect with one another.

We firmly believe that through Youth Praise Gathering, students’ lives will be impacted in a way that will motivate them to take the truth that God has placed in their hands to this generation.

When do I need to show up?

Friday, March 1, 2019. 7:30 PM   Doors open at 5:30PM

Music:  Aaron Curtis

Speaker: Josh Herin


What’s happening after YPG?

No Afterparty 2019